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At Parent Projects Real Estate (PPRE), we believe the last real estate transaction of one’s life could be the most important. That’s why we’re building a network of top-tier industry professionals that specialize in senior focused real estate and understand the unique situations that face our aging population. When you join the PPRE network, you will gain access to an Ai platform that will allow you to care for you aging clients like never before.  

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In 2016 Parent Projects™ came to market as “SeniorMoves” and began helping older adults and their families in the Phoenix area with senior move management services. While supporting these families was fulfilling work, SeniorMoves was limited in the number of people they could serve. Founder, Tony Siebers felt the need to reach a broader population. 

The implications of COVID-19 led Tony to realize that a solution was to create a safe online marketplace designed to directly connect industry experts to the average family struggling through their own downsizing projects, a.k.a “parent projects”. So, with a group of like-minded business leaders, Tony set out to build an online marketplace where all people – regardless of experience, location, age, or financial capability – could find the information, resources, and tools needed to safely complete a parent project. 

Now, Parent Projects™ is delivering “relief in rightsizing” for aging individuals and their families and offers an effective Ai platforms that connects people with the right information, at the right time, and with verified age-friendly vendors. 

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Whether you are a REALTOR or someone with real estate needs, Parent Projects Real Estate is here for you. We want to ensure that all “age-friendly’ real estate transactions are connected to a top-tier real estate professional that can be a guide along the way. 


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